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Paper 2, Materials: Lent Term 2014

Online Resources (Dr Hugh Shercliff)

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Handouts and Lecture Notes

Handouts with gaps, and filled in lecture slides, available here (Raven protected).

Lecture and "Examples Class" Video Extracts

The following clips show Powerpoint presentations with audio, covering selected topics in the course which students often find more challenging. Treat the "Examples Class" Extracts like the cribs - i.e. only consult these after you have been through the notes or the lecture clip and made a good attempt at the problem independently. Stop the clip when you think you know how to proceed, and try the problem again on your own.


Link to Lecture

Link to Examples Class Extract

Constrained Deformation

Handout 2, p.10

Examples Paper 2, Q4

Thermal Stress in Thin Film

Handout 2, p.12

Examples Paper 2, Q5

Composite Modulus Analysis

Handout 2, p.30

Deriving Performance Index (Light, Stiff Panel)

(to come)

Lecture Demos

Demo 1: Amorphous Metal - Bouncing Ball

Demo 2: Chaldni Patterns - Plate Vibration to measure E

Demo 3: Rubber in Liquid Nitrogen - Stiffness and Fracture

Cambridge Engineering Selector (CES) - support material

The downloadable versions of CES for CUED students and staff are located here.

A CES Tutorial (PDF) is here.

You may well find it easier to learn the software using these short video demonstrations. Try watching a clip, then switching to CES and trying that step yourself.

Video Demo 1: Introduction + Browse Function

Video Demo 2: Search Function

Video Demo 3: Select Function: Limit and Tree stages

Video Demo 4: Select Function: Graph stage

Video Demo 5: Select Function: "Advanced" Graph stage

Video Demo 6: Copy & paste CES graphics

Syllabus and Booklist

Syllabus and booklist can be found here.

Last updated: February 2014
Dr Hugh Shercliff