Teach Yourself Phase Diagrams

Teach Yourself Phase Diagrams

Cu-Zn Phase Diagram

H.R. Shercliff, G.J. McShane and D.G. Delamore.

(Adapted from Materials: Engineering, Science, Processing and Design,
by M.F. Ashby, H.R. Shercliff and D. Cebon)

You should work through the resource online, answering the relevant examples paper questions when prompted.
This structured resource uses sections of illustrated text and animations (in PDF) to lead you through the core
concepts and applications of phase diagrams in Engineering. A complete PDF of the same content may be downloaded
from section 6 of the website - this may be preferred for working through the first time, or for later revision, but
make sure you follow the animated sections online. Each section builds on what has come before, so you must
complete each set of exercises to consolidate your understanding, before proceeding to the next topic.

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