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Dr. Hugh Shercliff

Hugh Shercliff
University Senior Lecturer, Director of Undergraduate Education

Hugh Shercliff joined the teaching staff of the Engineering Department in 1994, and is a member of the Materials, Mechanics and Design  Division. He is an Official Fellow, College Lecturer and Director of Studies in Engineering at Girton College .


Current Research

Post-Doctoral and Graduate Research Opportunities

Major and Recent Publications:

"Materials: Engineering, Science, Processing and Design"
textbook by Ashby M.F., Shercliff H.R. and Cebon D., Butterworth-Heinemann, UK, 2nd edition (2009)
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"Friction stir welding of aluminium alloys"
with Leonard A., Threadgill P.J. and Withers P.J., International Materials Reviews  54(2), 2009, pp.49-93.

"Process modeling"
with Colegrove P.A., Chapter 10 in Friction Stir Welding and Processing (ed. R.S. Mishra and M. Mahoney), ASM International, USA, pp.187-217 (2007)

"A model for predicting the heat generation and temperature in friction stir welding from the material properties"
with Colegrove P.A. and Zettler R., Sci. Tech. Weld. Join. 12(4) (July 2007), pp.284-297.

"Integrated process modelling of friction stir welding"
with Colegrove P.A., Robson J.D., Kamp N., Sullivan A. and Williams S.W., in Mathematical Modelling of Weld Phenomena 8 (Cerjak H. and Bhadeshia H, eds.), Maney Publishing, London (2007).

"aluMATTER: e-learning tool in aluminium science and technology" Mechanical and Physical Properties,
with European Aluminium Association (EU Leonardo da Vinci) (2003-2006)
aluMATTER home page

"Knowledge management for materials processing"
with Rentzsch W., Brechet Y. and Legras L., Advanced Engineering Materials 7(No.1-2) (2005), pp.30-39.

"Microstructural modelling in metals processing"
with Grong ., Progress in Materials Science 47 (2002), pp.163-282.

"Selection of manufacturing processes in design and the role of process modelling"
with Lovatt A.M., Progress in Materials Science 46 (2001), pp.429-459.

"Material selection and processing"
with Lovatt A.M. and Withers P.J., CD-ROM and supporting booklets
Technology Enhancement Programme (part of Gatsby Technical Education Project), London. (2000)
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"Modelling of materials and processes (report commissioned by Office of Science and Technology and Institute of Materials)." (further details)
Cambridge University Engineering Department Technical Report CUED/C-MATS/TR243, June 1997.

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Contact Information:

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