Resource writers

[Univ of Cambridge] Dr Andrew Lovatt and Dr Hugh Shercliff were responsible for much of the content of the resources and this site. Kara Johnson helped to write the bike case study for the TEP package. At the time of writing, Andrew Lovatt and Kara Johnson were at the Engineering Department. Hugh Shercliff is a Senior Lecturer in the Engineering Department.
The University of Manchester logo Professor Philip Withers was responsible for initiating the project with OCR and has contributed to many of the resources. He is at the Manchester Materials Science Centre.


The production of these teaching resources has been supported by the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP), which is funded by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation.
Funding for authorship was provided by EPSRC under a 'Public Understanding of Science' award.
OCR was responsible for financing the early phases of the project leading to the CD-ROM pilot.


Professor Michael Ashby of Cambridge University Engineering Department originated the selection chart concept and has provided much encouragement for the project as a whole.

Design and Programming

3Zero Ltd produced the design and software for the multimedia resource. Extra thanks to Mo Chicharro for being patient during the pilot phases...

Other contributors

Granta Design, provided much of the material data. They market the Cambridge Engineering Selector - a tool for the selection of materials and processes at a level suitable for universities and industry.
Peter Campbell of the IoP has provided inspiration for a lot of the physics angle to the content and was the link for getting much of the material selection resources into the new Advancing Physics A Level syllabus.


We are indebted to many people for providing feedback on the resources that have been created, including:

Chris Weaving (OCR Steering Group)
John Smith (OCR Steering Group)
Mike Hopkinson (OCR Steering Group)
Derek Clabburn (OCR Steering Group)
Brian Wilding (St Thomas More RC School, Bedford)
Denis Hallam (East Barnet School)
Alan Bower (Lady Manners School, Bakewell)
Keith Skippins  (Heckmondwike Grammar School)
Seamus Harty (The Alice Ottley School, Worcester)
Martin Minshall (Oakham School)
Mike Whitmarsh (Bolton School)

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