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Material selection and processing

Welcome to the main page for information on material selection and processing

This site has been created as a resource to aid good practice in the selection of materials for product design. It has information on materials, properties, processes, product design and more. The majority of the content has been created in a collaboration between leading academics, funding bodies and industrial partners. It is aimed at a wide variety of audiences, so please feel free to browse the site as you're certain to find some information of particular use to you.

If you have a specific interest in educational material please follow the relevant links on the right, else you can find links to more generally relevant information below. It is a growing site, and constructive comments are always welcome.

Materials information

Material properties

Manufacturing processes

Product design

  • Detailed information for over 40 materials found in commonly used products.
  • Interactive material selection charts which show material properties in a visually intuitive manner.
  • Detailed information for 10 material properties with typical values and measurement details.
  • A process encyclopedia containing details on how many different manufacturing processes work.
  • An introduction to selecting a manufacturing process.
  • A tutorial which includes an introduction to product analysis.
  • Seven short case studies in product analysis.
  • One long case study in product analysis - the 13A plug.


Last updated: 25/02/2002.