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Material selection and processing

Resources for Design and Technology

Design and Technology requires a good understanding of both materials and processing. This area has resources that will to help achieve this understanding, including materials information, a process encyclopaedia, interactive material selection charts, case studies in product analysis and more...

A package of multimedia resources for teaching many of the concepts has been developed with the support of the Technology Enhancement Programme. This package is mainly aimed at A level Design and Technology, but could also find application for GCSE D&T, GNVQ Manufacturing and International Baccalaureate.


A tutorial has been written which includes an introduction to product analysis, an overview of material selection charts and some information on process selection. We recommend reading the tutorial, in order to understand the concepts involved, before attempting to use any of the selection resources below.

Material information

Material properties

Processing information

Short case studies in product analysis

(developed with OCR - please see the introduction)
  1. kitchen utensils

  2. workshop tools

  3. walking aids

  4. aero-engine

  5. helmets

  6. bags

  7. ropes

Longer case studies in product analysis (developed with TEP)



External links

We recommend using the above resources for information as far as possible. However, the following external links in the above categories may also be useful.

Material information
Material properties
Processing information
General searching

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