Material Selection Charts


In order to demonstrate the power of the material selection chart approach, a number of common property combinations have been plotted - these are listed below. If your browser is capable1, you should see interactive chart pages which:

If your browser is not deemed capable of displaying the interactive version, you should automatically be given the non-interactive version. These charts contain most, but not all, of the features listed above.

Charts available:


Most of the selection charts use logarithmic axes. If you are unfamiliar with using log axes an introductory tutorial is available.

Hi-res image source files:

If you wish to use hi-res images for projects, these can be downloaded from the WWW. Alternatively, they are on the TEP CD-ROM.

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Last updated: 25/02/2002.
There are 3 versions of these charts:
If you have IE4 or later you should get the fully interactive version.
If you have NS6 or later you should get a version where the chart is interactive.
If you do not have one of the above browsers, or Javascript is not enabled, then you will get the basic non-interactive version.